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Microchipping is the best way to permanently identify your pet. For dogs and cats this involves implanting the microchip under the skin, between the shoulder blades. Your details are then registered on a national database so that if your pet is lost anywhere in Australia the microchip can be scanned, your pet identified and you can be contacted.


This process is a quick procedure in dogs and cats. The microchip is implanted using a needle-like device that is slightly larger than a normal vaccination needle. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. Microchipping can be performed once the pet is over 6 weeks of age by booking in for a routine appointment. Alternativley, it can be performed while your pet is under general anaesthetic for desexing or other procedure. 


Microchipping is mandatory for dogs and cats living in the Darwin municipilality, and for dogs living in the Palmerston municipilality (contact your local council for more information).


We can also provide microchipping for birds, small mammals and reptiles. Depending on the microchip placement this procedure may require sedation or a quick anaesthetic. Please contact us for more information.

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