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To make your pet’s life even more comfortable we are happy to be able to supply you with a wide range of animal treats, over-the-counter medication and accessories. Below is a short summary of what we stock:


  • Over-the-counter Medication

    • Flea prevention (Frontline®, Revolution®, Comfortis®, Nexgard®)

    • Tick prevention (Nexgard®)

    • Heartworm prevention tablets (Milbemax®, Heartguard®, Interceptor®, Cazitel®)

    • Intestinal worm tablets (Cazitel®)

    • Medicated shampoos (Malaseb®, Aloveen®)


  • Food and Treats

    • Greenies®

    • Pig’s Ear Chews

    • Vet’s Best Reward Liver Treats®

    • Hill’s Prescription Diet™ range

    • Royal Canin™ Prescription and Maintenance Range

    • Advance® food range (Parap Only)


  • Accessories

    • Collars

    • Leads

    • Harnesses

    • Toys

    • Pet tags

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